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Our wedding party

Victoria 's attendants
  • Stephanie Yost, Matron Of Honor
    My Oldest Sister and Best Friend for Life!
  • Catherine Wilkinson, Maid Of Honor
    My Little Sister an Amazing Lady that I will Love forever and ever!
  • Nicole Wilkinson, Bridesmaid
    My sister in law and an old friend so happy to have her in my wedding!
  • Jennifer Wilkinson, Bridesmaid
    My Sister in law and a new special addition to my family!
  • Bridget Carroll, Bridesmaid
    A dear friend that the older we get the more awesome we become!
  • Abigail Parnell, Bridesmaid
    My friend first and now my new sister in law!
  • Laura Noell, Bridesmaid
    An awesome life long friend very excited she said yes to being with me on my big day!
  • Liz Brocato, Bridesmaid
    A lady who has been with me through a lot. A life long friend that I knew was going to be in my wedding since we were 5!
  • Brynne Njaa, Bridesmaid
    An amazing woman that has been such a great friend and encouragement to me!!
J.D 's attendants
  • Sam Parnell, Best Man
  • Will Parnell, Groomsman
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